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Our Services

At San Diego Coastal Painting we understand that a good first impression of your property is important. It’s challenging to create the right image of personal or corporate space that will always appease your guests or potential clients. Working with a professional painter can mean the difference between having a paint job that will impress and stand the test of time versus one by an amateur painter that will make you wonder what happened. That’s why our team has perfected our craft on providing the right painting services to enhance the appeal of the properties of our clients no matter if you need the talents of a commercial painter or a residential painter.

The Right Painting Contractor Delivers the Right Experience

Once you have made the golden decision to paint your home, you have the opportunity to have a licensed painting contractor do the work for you. At any moment you can choose from among the well instructed and trained painting contractors currently at your disposal. By hieing us you will enjoy the benefits of having worked with passionate residential painters or having your business spruced up by skilled commercial painters.

The team of interior house painters and exterior house painters led by Mark and Victor, professional painting contractors of Carlsbad, are up to the challenge of ensuring that you have the fresh experience of a well-done paint job. We know the value of a well-trained house painter and have assembled a team of fully trained house painters for you. A glimpse of the services we provide can be seen below:

Kitchen Cabinets

Interior Painting Services

Through interior painting, painters add interior painting design elements that raises the mood of your family and guests. Our interior painting experts in San Diego will initially prepare the interior of your house by covering the floors and valuables. Our professional’s painters not only make sure to protect your home but also the environment by using environmentally friendly paint to create waterproof and fireproof interiors.


Exterior Painting

Every building’s exterior is judged by its color. Our San Diego exterior painting professionals can give you tips and ideas to transform your home’s exterior to a new, fresh look. San Diego Coastal Painting is an exterior painting company that can give your building or commercial establishment a new look that sets your business apart while following the property exterior painting guidelines.

Acoustic Ceiling

Other Services

While we are proud of our skills when it comes to painting, we also provide services such as Acoustic Ceiling Removal, Decks & Fences, Kitchen Cabinets, Stucco & Drywall Repair, and Pressure Washing. We are very versatile when it comes to fulfilling our client needs. Get in touch with us today and you’ll soon see why we believe we are the best painters in San Diego.

We are Painting Contractors that with Interior, Exterior Painting Services of all Types!