San Diego Coastal Painting History


I retired 5 years ago after 12 years as a real estate broker and then spending the next 20 years in the Investment Management Business. I was the executive in charge of distribution for New York Life’s 401(k) and Pension Business the last 10 years prior to retirement.

I opened our painting business in 2012 because at 55 years of age I was not ready to commit to 100% golf. I knew that following the 2008 recession that there were many residential and commercial buildings that had deferred maintenance. Everyone was going to need to paint.

My personal experience with those working in “the Trades” was pretty disappointing- sometimes filled with false promises, tardiness, incompletion of projects, etc. I am sure you know what I mean. I knew that if I just simply delivered what customers expected, delivered quality products and labor, offered fair pricing, and provided honest communication that I could be a service to many. That basic model has allowed our painting business to have very successful growth- and many happy customers.

Here is what I did not know: Good Painters Are Hard to Find.

I was lucky to find Victor Ortiz who is now my partner after he earned ownership in our company. Victor is 35 years old with 3 young children and he has been painting since he was 15 years old. Victor’s father (who is one of our employees) is a painter, and 6 of Victor’s brothers are painters. It is in his blood.

As You Know, Anyone Can Paint. What I Have Learned Is That Good Painters Have More Than A Little Artist Inside Themselves. Victor Not Only Paints With Our Crews, But He Manages Production Of Every Project. He Has A Disciplined Approach To Each Job, Seeking Efficiency And Customer Convenience At The Same Time. Both Of Us Are Relentless To Assure That Every Customer, No Matter How Large Or Small, Knows That We Take Pride In What We Do And Are Determined To Over Satisfy Whenever We Have The Opportunity.

Well enough about the story…here are a few reasons why we would like consideration for your business:

We are very conscientious about the inconvenience having a property painted is to the residents, whether they are homeowners or tenants. Our priority it to make life the least disruptive as possible to customers while we conduct our work to improve the property. Each customer is treated respectfully by our management and crews as if they were part of our own team.

For example: If a customer or neighbor forgets to move their car away from a work area, we will cover the car for protection and be nearby to remove the cover when the resident needs the vehicle.

Victor or I are on the jobsite daily. As owners, we feel the obligation to be present and assure your project is moving properly and efficiently.

We are experienced with projects like yours. We have painted hundreds of homes (interior and exterior), multi-building apartment and townhome developments, as well as other commercial and industrial parks.

Nobody likes a mess. Our work areas will always be clean. Our employees do not smoke or drink (not a requirement, but just worked out that way). When the job is completed and we leave- the only thing we leave behind is freshly painted building.

We do not use cheap paint or inferior materials. It just does not make sense. We use Sherwin Williams “Super Paint” (retails at $60.00 or more) or higher lines of paint. Others will use Sherwin Williams A100 or Acrylux (around $12.00 per gallon). With inferior grades of paint, you can expect to re-paint in 3 to 5 years. The color just will not hold. The paint we use usually will last 12 to 15 years in the San Diego area.

We do not use Sub-Contractors or Day Labor on our crews. Each crew member is our employee, is on our payroll thru Wells Fargo, and is covered by our Worker’s Compensation Policy. Otherwise, they are not permitted on any of our job sites. This is not the model used by all companies in our market, however, it is the legal operation of business and protects our customers. Yes, it costs us more to conduct business this way.

Safety is our highest priority. Our painters have an average of over 10 years painting experience, but we have safety talks every week. We use safety and warning markers when appropriate to alert people that they may be crossing into a work area. We are aware that children are attracted ladders, spray machines, and just paint itself.

We are always a phone call away- day or night. Your management team will have our cell numbers.

Please take a few minutes to confirm our work by looking at our Yelp, Angie’s List, or Google reviews.

We Look Forward To Working With You.

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